Saturday, July 1, 2017

Guest Post: Reliable Locksmith Service in Littleton

The following article is a guest post from Littleton Locksmith 24.

It's no secret that any qualified locksmith is able to do the lock and key job you need done. However, finding a reliable locksmith service in Littleton will prove valuable more times than you may now realize.

The average person may not even think about the services that a locksmith provides until they are faced with trying to find lost keys, a key breaks off inside the ignition, the trunk is locked, a child or pet is trapped inside a running, locked, vehicle, you are locked out of your home, or there is an attempted break-in to your home, office, or automobile. When these situations strike, you will want a qualified, professional locksmiths who is able to handle a wide range of services and come to you any time, day or night in a hurry.

The Secret About Local Locksmiths You Need To Know

Many national professional locksmith companies advertise locally but fail to mention where they are headquartered. Sometimes, they will even secure a local area code to place in their ads. They present themselves as being local, but when you call for help, you find out the ugly truth. Your call is redirected to a national all center, instead. You will be assured that a locksmith is on the way. What they won't tell you is that they have dispatched a subcontracted locksmith, sometimes one who is new or lacks the proper training, and sometimes from another state who will take a long time to arrive. If they finally do arrive, they may show up without the proper tools or even leave damage to your locks or vehicles and then charge you way over the quoted price. These national companies do not have any incentive of building a relationship with clients like a true local company does.

Your Safety Isn't Worth The Risk

When you are stranded in a dark parking lot or roadside late at night, or even outside of your house or office, and need the help of a locksmith, and you need help in a hurry. You do not have the luxury of waiting around for someone to arrive from miles away and cannot take chances on sitting around in a troubled spot waiting for help to arrive. When you call a reliable locksmith service in Littleton, you will assured that help is on the way in no time. Our experts know that your safety depends upon it and will not take chances.

Besides showing up when you need them, local professionals tend to truly care about their customers. The time it takes for a qualified technician to show up, and the skills used to perform your locksmith emergency is what you will tell your friends. A reliable locksmith will work hard to get you out of an emergency and back to safety while all of the time focusing on also building a trusting relationship with locksmith customers. The goal is to put your safety first and do the kind of job that will leave you wanting to call again for other locks and keys needs in the future.


Emergencies never happen at a time that is convenient, but a reliable locksmith is ready when you need them. Even if it's not an emergency, knowing that a professional locksmith close and able to be on the way in minutes means that the wait time is cut by seconds, minutes, and even hours or days. This in turn means more than convenience. It also takes into account that your safety is on the line.

Investigate all of the locksmith companies in the area before you are inconvenienced by an ill-timed emergency. Research and then keep the number of a reliable locksmith service in your area so you have it when you need it. Get keys duplicated, locks re-keyed or changed, get back inside your home, office, car, or get your trunk opened without any damage to your locks, in a matter of minutes not days. Call someone who will show up quickly when you need help.

If you live in Denver-Aurora-Littleton or Arapahoe County area, have confidence in knowing that there is a reliable locksmith service in Littleton to call ready to show up in no time, and get you out of a worrisome situation and will be there for you with all of your future locksmith needs.

Meet Joe Johnson, Entrepreneur, Career Coach, Speaker, Author, and Strategic-Optimist

A local Portlander, Joe Johnson loves to help people turn their biggest dreams into easy-to-follow roadmaps so that they can become their best selves. For as long as he can remember, Joe has been obsessed with the concept of unlocking human potential. Why do some people thrive and others struggle? And how many steps is the second person away from being successful? These questions are what drive him and get him excited about what he does.

To learn more about Joe and his work, check out this entry on job searching from his blog, and this entry on how to receive a salary increase.

1. How did you decide to start up the Earn More Academy website?

I decided to make Earn More Academy after I realized that my good fortune of finding great jobs wasn't luck at all--it was an invaluable skill.

I keep in contact with a lot of my friends from university; however, I noticed that many of them were really struggling to find a job. Sadly, some of them, now in their 30s, were forced to live with their parents because their current job wasn't helping them to move their lives forward.

A common thread was that each of them were both extremely unhappy with their jobs and severely underpaid. Then, after helping them with their resume, online profiles, and sharing some key career advice, they each landed a career in fields that made them happier and paid them more money.

Over the course of several years of privately coaching friends and colleagues, I finally decided to open the website to help a lot more people gain a better work life balance and financial independence.

2. Why are so many people earning less money than they would like to be earning--or even than what their skills should be worth in the current job market?

This is a BIG question. There are a lot of external factors both past and present that have affected the job market (ie: the economic slowdowns, company restructuring, layoffs, etc).

Despite this fact, I would say that the biggest thing that keeps people from earning more money, even though they may be overqualified, is they honestly don't know what they want from their own career path. Clarity is key forth finding the path to becoming a top-paid player in your industry. When you start to narrow down potential careers that leverage your real strengths and your unique talents, you can do some amazing stuff while at the right company.

Oftentimes, people suffer from job searching fatigue and grab ANY job that calls back after a long job search. However, it may not truly fit who you are and what you want to do. As a result, you will probably not excel nor be considered for a raise because your true potential will never be utilized.

3. What are some things people can do in the job they hold right now to improve their financial position/outlook?

This is a great question! We previously did a whole write-up dedicated to this exact question on our website. However, if a person is trying to improve their financial position at their current role, they are going to need to get on the same page with their employer. Here is a quick 3-part strategy for getting that salary increase that you deserve.

Stage One – Goal Setting

In the first stage, you need to approach your supervisor with the idea that you want to be considered for a raise in the near future and that you'd like to find out exactly what it would take to receive a raise. To your boss, it's going to be a refreshing change of pace that an employee is ambitious enough to go above and beyond for the company. It's very important that you get ultra-specific and repeat back exactly what they told you their needs are. Example: "So you're saying, if I were to do X, then it would make me the best candidate for a raise in the next 6 months?"

Stage Two – Execution & Recording

After you confirm your supervisor's needs, you want to make sure that you complete your new project on time and better than expected. Underpromise and overdeliver!

At the end of each week, make sure to document your efforts and show how you have either grown productivity or how your efforts have increased revenues. You will need this later, as it will be what you will use to position yourself for a raise.

Stage Three – Research & Rewards

Head over to one of the following salary comparison websites and research how much money other professionals in your industry are being paid:

Aim to put yourself in the top 30% of professionals in your industry.

Next, you want to schedule a time to speak with your supervisor about the completion of the project and all of the benefits that have been the direct result of your work. This shouldn't be hard to do because your personal documentation serves to justify why you deserve the raise that you're requesting.

Finally, after you wrap up your project debrief session, smoothly transition into the money conversation by saying something like this, "Now several weeks ago, you mentioned that if I delivered on this project, we would discuss my salary. After researching on several payscale websites, I found the average compensation of people in similar industries was between Y and Z. Given my latest performance, I would like to request that my salary be moved from A to B."

4. What are some common mistakes people make or misconceptions people have when it comes to searching for jobs?

When it comes to the actual job interview, it can be very stressful. You basically have one shot to make an outstanding first impression. So many people have this misconception that you need to convince the employer that you are the best candidate by simply answering questions about yourself. This is huge mistake! If they wanted one sentence answers, then they would have read your resume and skipped the entire interview process.

The truth, is that every job interview is always about the company, and your answers should be crafted in such a way that it positions YOU as the best solution to their business problems. This is how you win more job interviews.

5. What else would you like readers to know about you and the services you offer through your site?

Just remember, EVERYONE has an 8-to-5. It's up to YOU to determine where you will spend that time! We have a full suite of tools to help you land a new job that will make you happier. We provide everything from eye-catching resume templates, to 1-on-1 coaching, and full job hunting online mastery courses.

Thanks, Joe!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Meet Chris Davis, Author

Chris Davis is the author of a new young adult novel, The Adventures Of Merrick The Viking. You can learn more about the book by visiting The novel is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. See also this link to find the book in other ebook formats.

1. What gave you the idea to write The Adventures Of Merrick The Viking?

I really started looking at time periods that intrigued me, and I am a bit of a day dreamer, so I would wonder what it must have been like to grow up as a young teen in about 700 to 900 AD when all of Europe is still new and pre-America. So one thing led to another, and my protagonist turned out to be a young boy who happened to come from a long line of extremely well-crafted boat builders in a small Viking village. From there the adventure starts.

2. Have you always been interested in the history of Vikings and Scandinavia?

I have been an admirer of history and how cultures evolved over time, and I am particularly interested in the Viking and Irish culture, but mostly the advancements in trade and influences on culture not necessarily on the violent history. I also tried not to mention any exact locations or historical names, just more of a reference. Also, I added in some hidden fun references to the Viking famous folklore.

3. Would you tell us a little more about the character of Merrick and what he experiences during the course of the book?

The main character is Merrick, and I am writing this as a series of books with Merrick as the main character. He starts off around 16 to 17 years old, forced out of his village, and he really finds himself growing up pretty fast. Luckily for him, he has special traits that make him unique. He finds himself in survival mode but still keeps his adventurous personality as a coming of age teen. Plus, yes, once he makes it into an Ireland, he happens to start a new romance with a real headstrong Irish redhead girl, Kira, that keeps him in check.

4. What do you see as the challenges of writing for a young adult audience, and what do you most enjoy about writing for this audience?

I see the challenges of a writer these days is a difference with how young readers want immediate action and also wants to follow and enjoy characters into series of books, letting their imagination turn page by page. My biggest obstacle was from the beginning: it is hard to market a book with Vikings that is not gruesomely violent, but I do have to acknowledge, yes, in history they did have groups of Vikings that plundered and destroyed villages, so I am carefully keeping the story more on a positive adventure.

5. Are you working on any new writing projects at the moment?

Yes, I am currently writing the second book in the series which I refer to as Merrick Book 2 and should be a similar style and design so this should make for happy readers to continue the journey. To me I am just fascinated of the time to pull your boat up into an unknown port and be able to communicate and trade your goods--plus exchange ideas, technology, techniques, and food items. Even how that time period was able to put a universal price on their goods and services.

Thanks, Chris!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Meet Nicole M. from EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck was founded on the belief that you shouldn't have to give your personal email address to anyone who demands it. It was built by a few privacy-minded engineers with extensive backgrounds in email/SMTP systems and software. EmailOnDeck provides free temporary email addresses for everyone to use. Learn more by visiting:

1. What was the inspiration behind starting EmailOnDeck?

We feel that the internet is becoming a place where every site seems to be demanding your personal information just to access the site. We still believe that the internet is like your local library: what you research and learn about online is nobody's business but your own. More practically, there's an issue of providing your personal email address to a web site you've just visited for the first time. A common concern is: "What will this website do with my personal email if I give it to them?" Websites frequently sell your email address, and ultimately that can lead to one receiving SPAM which could include viruses and phishing emails. We built this service in hopes of allowing one to help retain and protect their online privacy.

2. What sets this project apart from other free email providers?

EmailOnDeck proactively focuses on providing you with temporary emails that work. With access to a large domain pool, EmailOnDeck can create a greater variety of temporary email address increasing the difficulty of advertisers tracking you online. EmailOnDeck also provides you with your own private temporary email inbox; it is not a public inbox for all to view. Finally, once you are done with your temporary email address, it will automatically be securely wiped and all emails securely erased in order to ensure your privacy.

3. When are the times that someone might want to use a temporary email, instead of something like a "backup" email aside from their primary one?

Any website that asks for your email before letting you visit or view their site. This is a great way to protect yourself from untrustworthy sites. Once you get comfortable with a website, then you can decide if you would like to provide your personal email address to them.

Interestingly, though, I actually like to point out when it's not a good time to use a temporary email address. If you're going to be giving a company your credit card number or mailing address, using a temporary email can actually make things more difficult. First of all, they have your personal information, so you're not really being much more private. Secondly, if the company needs to send you an email to confirm your purchase or subscription in a few months, you would no longer have access to that temporary email.

4. How do you keep your service available for free?

Since we're constantly securely wiping emails, our storage costs are very low. We do place non-intrusive ads on certain pages of the web site. We also have plans to provide a paid "pro" version that's ad-free and provides more convenient features. More on that soon...

5. In addition to using a temporary email address, what else do people need to do to protect their privacy when using their computers, tablets, and phones?

If you can clear your cookies and cache after you're done browsing the web, that would be your first basic step. If you are willing to learn (just a bit) about blocking javascript, you can really increase your security by using a browser extension called NoScript. And finally, check out for a way to create virtual credit cards--very cool because vendors will never have access to your actual credit card. This is a life-saver for anyone that has ever been a victim of credit card fraud.

Thanks, Nicole!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Meet Andy Williams, Author and Publisher

Andy Williams is the author and publisher of My Favorites Are The Herbivores. How To Make Friends With A Plant Eating Dinosaur, a children's fantasy book for ages 6-9. The book is available for download as a Kindle ebook.

1. Why do you think kids enjoy both fiction and nonfiction stories about dinosaurs so much?

I believe that kids feel safe about creatures that supposedly existed in the past who were frightening and dangerous. Learning about their characteristics in a secure context such as books makes children eager to confront scary issues. Kids really believe they are protected now from being conquered by dinosaurs. This especially includes making new friends and getting along with different sorts of people. A fantasy adventure such as My Favorites are the Herbivores. How to Make Friends with a Plant Eating Dinosaur will definitely help kids build boundaries to lay a strong foundation for their lives.

2. What do you like best about publishing books for children?

I felt that being the book's publisher gave me a new understanding of how children process information about life's journeys. The additional illustrations that come with book have given me expectation that this ebook has the power to uplift children's imaginations, no matter how strange they may seem to parents and other care-givers.

3. As a children's author, what are the advantages of publishing for the Kindle format?

The benefit that publishing for Kindle provides is they have a really large audience for this specific category. Further, they are keen to spread the word about books in their network once they reach a certain level of readership. This kind of PR helps authors along with their other halves to make decent income and promote the brand. Who can refuse publicity? Certainly not us!

4. What else would you like readers to know about you and your work?

As a children's fiction and non-fiction provider, I would like children and their guardians to have something interesting, such as a ten page ebook, that is accessible and affordable. Kindle does a good job with the task. Other platforms are also catching up with sort of advertising online. Children's fiction and non-fiction portray another time. It allows them to experiment with their feelings while they face different realities. One reviewer on Kindle have even given My Favorites are the Herbivores. How to Make Friends with a Plant Eating Dinosaur, a 5 star rating. It is a privilege to bring hope and a bright future to a child and have no doubt that similar minded educators feel the same as I.